The Regions

Tuscany is probably the most renowned location for the ultimate Ferrari tour. It captures the essence of Italian driving; the twisting roads, the wonderful villages and the impossibly beautiful scenery so often associated with Italy as a whole. The towns are engaging, the gastronomy second-to-none and the art inimitable. This is the Ferrari tour region par excellence.

Northern Italy has some incredible highlights too; from the Venetian hinterlands with the historic Brenta Canal and its Palladian treasures to Milan with its fashionable city centre, shopping and art. Maranello is the perfect frame for the Ferrari story and it’s only a stones throw from the beautifully crafted Modena or the wonderfully cosmopolitan Bologna, one of the pearls of Italy.

Ferrari Tours operates all over Italy with trips starting from any number of international hubs such as Rome, Florence and Milan. For those wanting something totally different we have also planned supercar tours in England, so perhaps once you have enjoyed Tuscany in a Ferrari, you can try the Cotswolds in an Aston Martin.

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