For a group of 6 people (3 cars) or more we can plan a completely unique, fully inclusive itinerary that is personally followed by one of our capable guides.

As a cultural travel specialist, when we design a bespoke tour we always work to include some inimitable events that will provide years of dinner conversation for you and your friends. In Italy we organise anything from special cooking classes to private visits to fashion houses, from chef-guided market tours to cocktails in private collector’s homes.

Our emphasis is always on the ‘behind the scenes’, whether that is an after-hour visit to a famous museum or dinner with royalty. We can provide several different cars for the group to share and this can include a surprise addition like a classic Ferrari or another brand completely.

For slightly larger groups we can also plan Ferrari track day events followed by an ex-F1 driver. These performance days give you the chance to see the sportier side of these unique supercars.

See an example of one of our private group tours here.

See an example of one of our track days here.